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Determination is the key to success

Current Day Dystopia (Book Blog #1)

The book I’m currently reading is “The Infinite Sea”, by Rick Yancey.  It’s the second book in the 5th Wave series, which centers around teenage refugees in a post-apocalyptic society.  The first book discuss earth being evaded by an alien species and killing post of the population off in different “waves”.  Kids are taken to a military base to fight against the supposed “aliens”, but find out at the end of the book that the aliens are actually in charge of the military base and have been using the kids to kill off the last of the population.  This book continues the journey after a group of kids escaped from the base.  There’s Cassie, who has just been reunited with her little brother, Sam (although his nickname is nugget), after being separated when Sam was taken to the military base and Cassie was left behind.  The rest of the group is made up by Ben (aka Zombie), Ringer, Teacup, Poundcake, and Dumbo.  I’m about seventeen chapters in and really enjoying it so far.  It’s full of twists and turns and always keeps you on your toes.  What I like most is that it’s not like every other dystopian society book.  Most tend to start with the characters’ world already in a dystopia, but Yancey sets the book in an average modern day before the aliens arrive.  The characters often make references to it, such as talking about their old twitter feeds.  It makes the book a little bit more relatable, seeing as they lived in a world just like us before everything fell apart.  It also kind of makes me wonder what me or people I know would do in this kind of situation.  Like how would we react?  Would we survive?  Would we even realize the aliens were in charge of the military based?  All the characters had lives just like us and then boom– they get invaded by aliens and have to fend for themselves.  It’s kind of crazy to think about it actually happening, but that’s exactly the position the characters were put in, in the book.  Right now, the group is hiding in an abandoned hotel, which I don’t think is the most safe.  The aliens sent groups out looking for them, so in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before they get found and killed off.  Some characters have gone missing in the last few chapters, so it’ll be interesting to see if they end up dead or alive.  Though, I have a feeling they might’ve been found by one of the search groups.


20 Time Project (Update #3)

All social media pages have been created for Break the Blame.  Renad and I decided to use Twitter and Facebook as our social media platforms for the campaign.  We believe that these two platforms will help us reach the broadest form of audience.  We have just begun to post on Twitter and will do so on Facebook within the next few days.  We’re still having a bit of trouble using Facebook for this purpose, as it’s not too keen on letting us make a whole new account just for an awareness campaign, not an actual person, but we’ve worked most of the kinks out and it hopefully won’t cause us anymore problems.  The website is still up and running, which we are planning to promote on our social media pages.  We’re going to try to post a few days a week, if not daily, on both Twitter and Facebook.  We have created a set of interview questions that go along with out campaign, and plan to begin conducting interviews with female students around the campus at our school within the next few weeks.  Everything is on track for the most part, except for planning our fundraising event, which we have decided to push back a few weeks, as we don’t feel as if we’re ready to start it just yet.  We also have begun working on our awareness videos, which we will post on Youtube and our website.

20 Time Project (Update #2)

Progress is going well for Break the Blame.  So far, Renad and I have created our website, which will serve as a home base for our awareness campaign.  The website is finished for the most part, but we will add and change things as the campaign continues as need be.  We ended up using as a host site, but our original plan was to use google sites.  Google sites didn’t give us as much design freedom as we wanted, but luckily weebly did.  Our website consists of a home page, an about page, a statistics page, a ‘how you can help’ page, and awareness videos page, and a contact page.  Our home page introduces everyone to Break the Blame.  The about page goes into more detail about our campaign and what our goal is.  The statistics page gives shocking facts and numbers about sexual harassment and rape.  The ‘how you can help’ page discusses how people can get involved and join us on our goal.  The awareness video page is where will will post the awareness videos we make.  The contact page has all our contact information, so that people can contact us if need be.  It also has links to our social media pages.  We’ve started working on them and plan to make a twitter and facebook, where we will raise more awareness and direct people to our website.  Everything seems to be on track for where we planned to be in our timeline.

20 Time Project (Update #1)

Rape culture is a serious problem in not only America, but all over the world.  From jokes in pop culture to comments made by the average person, rape culture is taken far too lightly and that’s something Renad and I hope to change.  Not only is it taken too lightly, but it’s essentially promoted by people who are supposed to be protecting us.  The dress code at school does it, as it teaches girls to cover to they don’t distract boys.  This tells girls that it’s their fault.  Another example would be the countless comments President-Elect Trump has made regarding females.  To address the blame put on women, Renad and I have created Break the Blame.  Our goal is to reverse the thoughts on rape culture and sexual harassment.  We strive to educate people on what’s really going on and show them that women aren’t to blame.  Break the Blame is an awareness campaign to address these topics.  So far, we have worked out a website outline for the website we plan on making for the campaign.  The website is currently in the works and we have begun to write content to put on it.  We plan to create social media pages to go alongside the website, once the website it made.


Why Not a Stretch Break


Rushing through the front door, I respond to my mom’s questions about my day at school, while grabbing a quick snack– typically a lemon Luna Bar– before making my way up to my room.  Within seconds my backpack is unpacked and binders and books are scattered on my bed with papers lying about.  Pencil in hand, I work swiftly, writing down every last answer on my physics worksheet.  I glance at my phone.  Four o’clock.   Continue reading “Why Not a Stretch Break”

Breaking the Barrier (Feed a Need)

As explained in this Dailymail article, Waverly Labs has created The Pilot, which allows people to communicate with each other while speaking different languages.  The Pilot is essentially a pair of bluetooth headphones.  Each person will stick one in their ear and begin the conversation.  The Pilot is able to pick up the words of the speaker, then passed through the connected app on the listener’s smartphone, then translate the words through the earpiece, into the language the listener has selected.  There is a short delay time, however Waverly Labs is working on shortening it as much as possible, as well as adding more languages and finding ways to use The Pilot off wifi.  Language barrier have always been a huge problem, making communication that should be simple, rather difficult.  It can even cause big miscommunications.  Waverly Labs took notice of this and wanted to do something to fix it, as communication should be simple for all.  They wanted to find a way to have people hold conversations with each other, even if they spoke completely differently languages, with ease.  The other translating apps out there simply took too long and were more cryptic, thus Waverly Labs came up with The Pilot.  The Pilot was the perfect answer and it allows the language barrier to be broken.  Now people can communicate with others speaking completely different languages, but still speaking as if there was no difference.  The Pilot is truly revolutionary and will change foreign travels, business, etc. for the better, as communication will no longer be an issue.  The Pilot inspired me to want to create something that will be useful in helping bring together the entire world, lessening our cultural, language, and social differences.


Anglo-Saxon Boast

I am Hayley Harris, daughter of Kelly,

Noted by all throughout the realm,

For her batches of baked banal-less banana muffins.

Her countless cupcakes and cookies cooling on the cooking-top,

Only to be devoured in a half a second,

By tiny-souls tired from soccer games,

Where she served as the storied team-mom.

I was the one who learned the skill of sewing at just three,

Fashioning fibers into fleecy-fabric,

And crafted paper-memories for my kin.

The one who spent an eternity of hours,

Polishing my performance to prevail in cheer competitions.

It was I who made her way into mock court,

Testifying triumphantly against the contending team.

I am the one ambitious for an abundance of accomplishments,

Determined to become a leveled law-maker,

Doing dauntless deeds to disallow detrimental decisions,

Unstintingly providing legal help to all that need it.

I am the one who will assist in ameliorating the world.




Determination is Key (Quote)


In the poem “Ulysses”, by Tennyson, the idea of never giving up is discussed.  Tennyson, through Ulysses, states that no matter how old you get you have to stay mentally strong and keep pushing yourself.  The quote I connect the most with is when he states, “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.  The reason I connect with this quote because determination is one of the attributes I value most.  It’s something that I’ve always lived my life by, as I never give up no matter how hard things get.  I reach for the stars, setting high goals for myself, and work until I achieve them.  It’s not always easy, but nothing truly worth it is supposed to be easy.  Quitting isn’t an option for me, because I’d rather something take a hundred times for me to get, than to give up after the third try.  I’m always challenging myself to do better and pushing my limits.  I want to be the best I can be, which I know will come from trying new things and setting new goals.  The only way I can achieve them is by never giving up, trying until I get it right.  Determination and striving for higher goals are key to me and values I’ll continue to live my life by.

The Simple Things

Awesome Things I Enjoy

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