While evaluating everything we have done for Break the Blame, me and Renad came to a major realization.  What started out as an awareness campaign has turned far more into an empowerment campaign.  Throughout our campaign we’ve been conducting tons and tons interviews to find out how the current views and expectations society has and puts on women makes women we know feel.  Originally this was going to be our video, but once we finished it, it just didn’t sit right with us.  We felt as if it missed the mark of what Break the Blame really was– an empowerment campaign.  We found that we strayed too far from our initial topic to use this video.  Another part of our campaign– something we thought was so insignificant to the major points, such as the video– has turned into the most important part of our project.  Throughout the campaign we’ve been handing out many small messages, with empowering words on them to girls at our school.  Renad and I have scrapped our original video and decided to film one involving people’s reactions to these messages as well as them reading them aloud.  We feel as if it will be a good end point for our campaign as everything has actually built up to this video.  We’re using the empathy interviews we conducted to compare how people felt before and after they got these messages.  On another note our bake sale was very successful and now we’re just wrapping everything up!  We’re very happy with how it all turned out, even if Break the Blame took a new direction than originally planned.