As of now, me and Renad are currently in the editing process of our awareness video.  We’ve finished all the interviews and are now working on piecing them together in a way that flows nicely.  We’ve decided that we don’t want it to look exactly like a whole bunch of interviews that are just question and answer.  We want the message to be powerful and to achieve that, we know that we need to make sure it’s edited in a way that really draws people in.  Editing styles make all the difference.  Good information doesn’t ensure people will want to watch, thus we want to make sure all the aspects are there.  Other than editing our video, we’re working on the bake sale, which we now have a list of all the goodies we’re going to sell.  We’ve decided to stick to simple treats, like cookies and brownies, because we know they sell well.  There’s not going to be any set prices for anything, as we’re just going to be asking for donations.  The bake sale will be taking place in the next week or two, after we get everything cleared with the grocery store we plan to have it in front of and with our friends that have agreed to lend a hand.