We’re currently in the process of setting up interview times with the people that have agreed to be apart of our awareness video.  Originally we were just going to have females be apart of the video, but have now decided to include males and that it’d be interesting to hear their voices on the subject of rape culture too, as many males are also speaking up against the current views of society on this topic.  It’s important to us to include all voices that want to stand with us and fight against rape culture and sexual harassment.  We have all of our interview questions for both females and males and are planning on interviewing them and having our awareness video up in a few weeks.  We’re planning on posting the video on Youtube, along with sharing it on Twitter.  As for our event, we’ve begun planning it but have scaled back from our original idea.  We’re going to have a bake sale outside of a local grocery store to raise money for a charity that supports our cause.  We’re currently in the process of researching charities to determine which one we would like to donate to.  We also are creating t-shirts that have our name “Break the Blame” on them, that we will wear during our bake sale.  If demand is enough, we’d consider selling the t-shirts through our website and donating the profit to the same charity from our bake sale.