“How’s your love life?”

My love life is confusing.  There’s this boy– I like him a lot.  He likes me too– I can tell. He’s always really sweet and affectionate with me.  We’re young, but that doesn’t take away what we have.  I don’t think age is what determines love, I think it’s the connection you feel with the person– and we definitely have the connection.  I really hope it works out for us.  I think it might, but my family is sort of getting in the way of things.  My dad and brother both think the boy is playing me and is going to break my heart.  My brother is also very concerned about me ruining our family’s name, but he’s allowed to act exactly as I am with no judgement which is so not fair.  Anyways, back to the boy.  His place in society is much different than mine and I guess I do see what my family means about it not working on based on that, but I don’t see why love should be bound to what society thinks.  I know on one hand I should listen to my family, but on the other I really like this guy and believe he truly loves me.  Love is so much more complicated than I thought.