I’d say I’m about three quarters of the way done with Rick Yancey’s book, “The Infinite Sea”, now.  I’d say I’m still enjoying it, although the action has slowed down a bit in the last few chapters.  The main thing that Yancey does– which I love– is that he divides his book into different segments, each another character’s point of view.  What I didn’t know he did was divide the book into two different parts.  During the first part we watched the events unfold through the eyes of Cassie, Evan, Poundcake, and partly through Ringer.  It’s ambiguous what actually happens to Ringer, but what we find out in book two is that she was taken to Wonderland, along with Teacup.  We discover she surrendered herself to save a fatally wounded Teacup, whom Ringer had accidentally shot.  Essentially, the events that unfold in Wonderland are happening in time with the events unfolding back at the hotel with Cassie and the rest of the team.  I think this is an interesting tactic Yancey uses.  I can tell he likes to make a story as round as possible– giving his readers as many different perspectives as he can without making it confusing.  I think having this alternate root of events play out instead of just be summarized for us later, is actually really helpful. It keeps my attention and interest in Ringer and Teacup as characters, since I can know in detail what exactly they have to go through.  Yancey has amped up the use of suspense, but using Ringer’s first person point of view to his advantage.  There’s so many odd and potentially harmful things happening to her in Wonderland, yet what exactly is happening or why it’s happening is unknown.  Because Ringer doesn’t know, neither do we as readers.  This is something I love that Yancey uses, because it keeps my attention.  I want to know what’s going on and the only way to do so is to keep reading.  Wonderland seems like a strange enough place so far.  Ringer’s only somewhat normal interaction is with a blonde boy named Razor.  He seemed really opposed to her at first, but he’s slowly coming around.  My guess is that she eventually gets him to see that Vosch and the other military leaders are actually the others (aliens) and he allies with Ringer.