All social media pages have been created for Break the Blame.  Renad and I decided to use Twitter and Facebook as our social media platforms for the campaign.  We believe that these two platforms will help us reach the broadest form of audience.  We have just begun to post on Twitter and will do so on Facebook within the next few days.  We’re still having a bit of trouble using Facebook for this purpose, as it’s not too keen on letting us make a whole new account just for an awareness campaign, not an actual person, but we’ve worked most of the kinks out and it hopefully won’t cause us anymore problems.  The website is still up and running, which we are planning to promote on our social media pages.  We’re going to try to post a few days a week, if not daily, on both Twitter and Facebook.  We have created a set of interview questions that go along with out campaign, and plan to begin conducting interviews with female students around the campus at our school within the next few weeks.  Everything is on track for the most part, except for planning our fundraising event, which we have decided to push back a few weeks, as we don’t feel as if we’re ready to start it just yet.  We also have begun working on our awareness videos, which we will post on Youtube and our website.