Progress is going well for Break the Blame.  So far, Renad and I have created our website, which will serve as a home base for our awareness campaign.  The website is finished for the most part, but we will add and change things as the campaign continues as need be.  We ended up using as a host site, but our original plan was to use google sites.  Google sites didn’t give us as much design freedom as we wanted, but luckily weebly did.  Our website consists of a home page, an about page, a statistics page, a ‘how you can help’ page, and awareness videos page, and a contact page.  Our home page introduces everyone to Break the Blame.  The about page goes into more detail about our campaign and what our goal is.  The statistics page gives shocking facts and numbers about sexual harassment and rape.  The ‘how you can help’ page discusses how people can get involved and join us on our goal.  The awareness video page is where will will post the awareness videos we make.  The contact page has all our contact information, so that people can contact us if need be.  It also has links to our social media pages.  We’ve started working on them and plan to make a twitter and facebook, where we will raise more awareness and direct people to our website.  Everything seems to be on track for where we planned to be in our timeline.