Rape culture is a serious problem in not only America, but all over the world.  From jokes in pop culture to comments made by the average person, rape culture is taken far too lightly and that’s something Renad and I hope to change.  Not only is it taken too lightly, but it’s essentially promoted by people who are supposed to be protecting us.  The dress code at school does it, as it teaches girls to cover to they don’t distract boys.  This tells girls that it’s their fault.  Another example would be the countless comments President-Elect Trump has made regarding females.  To address the blame put on women, Renad and I have created Break the Blame.  Our goal is to reverse the thoughts on rape culture and sexual harassment.  We strive to educate people on what’s really going on and show them that women aren’t to blame.  Break the Blame is an awareness campaign to address these topics.  So far, we have worked out a website outline for the website we plan on making for the campaign.  The website is currently in the works and we have begun to write content to put on it.  We plan to create social media pages to go alongside the website, once the website it made.