As explained in this Dailymail article, Waverly Labs has created The Pilot, which allows people to communicate with each other while speaking different languages.  The Pilot is essentially a pair of bluetooth headphones.  Each person will stick one in their ear and begin the conversation.  The Pilot is able to pick up the words of the speaker, then passed through the connected app on the listener’s smartphone, then translate the words through the earpiece, into the language the listener has selected.  There is a short delay time, however Waverly Labs is working on shortening it as much as possible, as well as adding more languages and finding ways to use The Pilot off wifi.  Language barrier have always been a huge problem, making communication that should be simple, rather difficult.  It can even cause big miscommunications.  Waverly Labs took notice of this and wanted to do something to fix it, as communication should be simple for all.  They wanted to find a way to have people hold conversations with each other, even if they spoke completely differently languages, with ease.  The other translating apps out there simply took too long and were more cryptic, thus Waverly Labs came up with The Pilot.  The Pilot was the perfect answer and it allows the language barrier to be broken.  Now people can communicate with others speaking completely different languages, but still speaking as if there was no difference.  The Pilot is truly revolutionary and will change foreign travels, business, etc. for the better, as communication will no longer be an issue.  The Pilot inspired me to want to create something that will be useful in helping bring together the entire world, lessening our cultural, language, and social differences.