I am Hayley Harris, daughter of Kelly,

Noted by all throughout the realm,

For her batches of baked banal-less banana muffins.

Her countless cupcakes and cookies cooling on the cooking-top,

Only to be devoured in a half a second,

By tiny-souls tired from soccer games,

Where she served as the storied team-mom.

I was the one who learned the skill of sewing at just three,

Fashioning fibers into fleecy-fabric,

And crafted paper-memories for my kin.

The one who spent an eternity of hours,

Polishing my performance to prevail in cheer competitions.

It was I who made her way into mock court,

Testifying triumphantly against the contending team.

I am the one ambitious for an abundance of accomplishments,

Determined to become a leveled law-maker,

Doing dauntless deeds to disallow detrimental decisions,

Unstintingly providing legal help to all that need it.

I am the one who will assist in ameliorating the world.